Fair Tradie Project

Building homes, changing lives

2013 Year Plan

Primarily for this year, FTP's objectives are to complete three building projects. A five year project with Fathers Divine Love Ministries (project Peniel), a project in Mbale with JENGA (project Namatala) and Ruma Abedona Hospice (project Ruma) in India.

Project Ruma India – February 2013 (Completed)

Ruma Abedona Hospice for palliative care in West Bengal, India, has been created to be a warm welcoming home-like place that has open doors for anyone suffering from a terminal illness, especially cancer – no distinctions are made.

By the time a victim reaches the hospice in West Bengal, they have usually been given no hope of life by their doctor and have spent all their finances (if they had any) on trying to find a cure. At the hospice they find compassionate, understanding, kind, caring people who seek to support them in the remaining time they have left to live.

FTP would like to take a team of 5 to the hospice for a small project. Rain is causing damage to the hospice due to the flat roof, water finding its way through the ceiling causing damage internally. We want to put a new covering on top of the building. This will not only stop water from catching on the roof, but also give them more area which can be used.

Project Peniel Uganda: Thursday 31 October to Sunday 17 November

Over the next five years FTP is committed to finishing ten houses. These houses are an expansion of the current orphanage (Fathers Divine Love Ministries). It will house up to a further 80 children and their care givers. Eight children will live in each house with surrogate parents. This prospect will allow the children to experience family life as oppose to life in an orphanage setting.

The focal point of Fathers Divine Love Ministries (FDLM) is based on the family unit and raising children properly. FDLM is an independent, church-based organisation passionate about restoring dignity to rural African communities. This incentive is achieved by parenting orphaned children who have come from HIV/AIDS- ravaged communities, empowering economically to improve the household income, food provision and discipleship, all off this is achieved without government support. The foster family resource centre provides information, accommodation, education, love, care, protection and decent medical attention to vulnerable children and care givers.

This is our main focus whilst in Uganda.

Project Namatala Uganda: (We will be visiting Project Namatala for 3 days during our stay at FDLM).

JENGA is a community based programme that functions by networking with other local organizations. In villages and slums they focus their attention on providing water, goats, health, education, ministry practices and for the care of women and other people in vulnerable situations.

We will be working in conjunction with JENGA in Namatala slum where on a building project. Namatala is a large slum in Uganda and so far JENGA is one of the only organisations helping in this region.